Trump blasts ex-FBI director James Comey on Twitter as 'cowardly'

Alan Dershowitz in the Washington Examiner on Thursday (History, precedent and James Comey's opening statement show that Trump did not obstruct justice), insisting that the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's statement "strongly suggests that even under the broadest reasonable definition of obstruction, no such crime was committed".

Comey, on the other hand, said during his Senate Intel Comittee testimony "Lordy, I hope there are tapes", so there seems to be some confusion between the two men over who would benefit from audio of their talks leaking. Only 15 percent of Americans said they believe Trump did not ask for Comey's loyalty. After he was sacked, Comey said a threatening Trump tweet that hinted there were secret tapes of their conversations prompted him to ask a friend, Daniel Richman, to share the content of the memos with the New York Times.

Comey on Thursday told a Senate committee investigating Russian meddling in U.S. elections that Trump had asked him drop the case against Flynn in a one-on-one conversation in the Oval Office in February, the day after Flynn was sacked. Bars in Washington opened early to show the drama and people across the country ditched work to monitor Mr Comey's first public appearance since he was dismissed by Mr Trump on May 9.

"You and I both know my father a long time", Trump Jr. told Fox News' Jeanine Pirro.

The reason Comey said he did so because Trump had threatened to release "tapes" from their meetings.

The president has said Comey's testimony vindicates his assertion that Trump himself wasn't personally under investigation.

Feinstein also said the Senate Judiciary Committee needed to look at whether Trump obstructed justice in connection with the Russian investigation. On one hand we have President Trump, who can and does routinely lie and exaggerate.

But legal experts interviewed by Media Matters disagree and say Comey's testimony alleges serious misconduct by Trump, including actions that could constitute abuse of power or obstruction of justice.

Meanwhile, fellow Republicans have pressed Mr Trump to come clean about whether he has tapes of private conversations with Mr Comey and provide them to Congress if he does, or possibly face a subpoena. He didn't say to let Flynn go and he didn't demand a "pledge of allegiance".

"I don't understand why the president just doesn't clear up the matter once and for all", she told CNN.

He said he tended to believe Trump's denial of having done "anything wrong with the Russians", wryly adding: "He can't collude with his own government".

  • Leroy Wright