Sony shows off timed exclusives for Destiny 2

Destiny 2 will be released on September 8.

Destiny 2 on PC will be releasing on October 24th, 2017, just over a month after the console version!

A beta is also planned for sometime in August on PC. Sadly, it means the same as it did for the original Destiny.

The news was confirmed prior to the show by Activision, who posted more details to their games blog.

Destiny 2 is due out September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it is also coming to PC. According to information on, players must pre-order Destiny 2 to receive a beta code - though if history is any indication, that might not always be the case. On July 21, the PS4 and Xbox One open beta kicks in, with the beta ending two days later on July 23.

"Destiny 2 will be playable on PS4 Pro consoles at the Activision Booth (South Hall #1001) and the PlayStation Booth (West Hall #4322), as well as on PC at the NVIDIA Booth (West Hall #5230)". The firm announced that the PlayStation version of the game would be getting exclusive content.

It hasn't yet been revealed what the beta will include as far as content goes, but it's nice to at least know when we'll get hands-on with the newest version of Bungie's supposed decade-long project.

  • Carolyn Briggs