Salma Hayek rejected Donald Trump when he asked her on a date

Salma Hayek went into more detail about the time Donald Trump asked her out during an appearance on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on Thursday.

According to Salma, this wasn't the first time President Trump was putting the moves on her while dating the same boyfriend.

But, predictably the charm didn't last long.

Here's how it went down.

The actress goes on to say that the 70-year-old invited the couple to dinner and to visit his hotel in Atlantic City, and asked for both of their phone numbers.

"Never talked to my boyfriend again. You have to go out with me".

"I was at an event with my boyfriend, and then I went like this, like I'm cold", the actress said, pretend-shivering. Trump apparently told her, "He's not good enough for you". "Not important. He's not important; he's not big enough for you. You know I have a boyfriend, '" she said.

Wow. What a top bloke. It turns out that Donald Trump had pursued her romantically, even though he knew full well she had a boyfriend. She did, however, admit that she didn't end up marrying this boyfriend.

Overstepping the mark: 'Now he's calling [me] and he's inviting me out, and I said, "What about my boyfriend?"

Donald Trump once had a way with the ladies - or, at least, he certainly thought he did.

The Mexican native moved to the 1991 to begin her acting career and has been an outspoken advocate against Donald Trump and in particular, his plan to build a wall to keep illegal Mexian immigrants out of the country. 'Can you believe this?

Salma Hayek with husband Francois-Henri Pinault. Who would say this?

She first joked saying; 'He didn't try and come and grab me for sure! The event was hosted by Gucci and benefited Madonna's charity.

Describing Mike as a "visionary", Salma also referenced a scene in which John Lithgow's character Doug Stutts boasts of a safari trip - pointing out he later saw a photo of President Trump's sons with a dead leopard on a hunt of their own.

Hayek with her daughter Valentina.

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