Qatar says no one can dictate its foreign policy

But since June 5, the UAE has joined Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt in cutting off sea traffic to Qatar as part of the nations cutting diplomatic ties. Qatar is home to the biggest United States military base in the Middle East.

The diplomatic crisis, the worst since the 1990 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq and the subsequent Gulf War, has seen Arab nations and others cut ties to Qatar, which hosts a major USA military base and will be the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Prices of Qatar's global bonds have dropped sharply, but in answer to another question, Emadi said he saw no need for the government to step into the market and buy those bonds to support prices.

His long statement was published by Al Jazeera on Twitter and Facebook before later being deleted, according to details of the posts seen by The National.

Saudi Arabia is not a signatory to the convention.

Iran has urged Qatar and neighbouring Gulf countries to engage in dialogue to resolve their dispute. France has economic and military ties with Qatar and other Gulf states.

While talking to the channel, the reporter stated that Nawaz Sharif will also visit Qatar to meet its top leadership after Saudi Arabia visit.

Speaking after meeting Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Mr Johnson said: "I have been in touch with my counterparts across the region about the current tensions with Qatar".

Saudi Arabia also said that Qataris who wanted to perform Islamic pilgrimages were also exempt from the measures and would be allowed into the Kingdom as normal.

He said: "We don't think the region can afford further escalation, the region is going through turbulence around us".

Eritrea has expressed support for Saudi Arabia and its allies after they cut ties with Qatar.

Qatar has asked the United Nations' aviation agency to intervene in an airspace rights' dispute with three Gulf states following an escalating diplomatic row and trade blockade, two sources familiar with the matter said on Monday.

"(Kuwait) affirms the readiness of the brothers in Qatar to understand the reality of the qualms and concerns of their brothers and to heed the noble endeavors to enhance security and stability", Kuwait's state news agency KUNA quoted Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid al-Sabah as saying.

Iran and Turkey have already flown in food supplies to Qatar as the gas-rich country seeks other sources. He called on countries to support the efforts of Kuwait's emir in finding a solution, and invited "friendly states" to participate in that effort.

Iraq says Qatari "ransom" money with it, not armed groups: Iraq's prime minister has rejected Saudi and UAE media claims that a $500m ransom was paid by Qatar to Shia Muslim armed groups in Iraq to secure the release of 26 kidnapped Qatari hunters.

The UAE has also ordered its banks to stop dealing with major Qatari lenders.

"There are around 300 containers of fresh and frozen food coming".

Qatar's port authority says its cargo will go through Sohar, as well as Oman's port at Salalah.

Swiss-based MSC, the world's number 2 line, said it would deploy a new dedicated shipping service to Qatar.

  • Leroy Wright