Monster Hunter World debuts at E3 2017, set to arrive next year

Final Fantasy VII started this trend almost 20 years ago, and games like Final Fantasy IX and X continued it with things like card battles and blitzball. In it, players will be able to jump in a boat or fish from the waters edge, but being Final Fantasy there isn't just a few fish to capture.

Monster Hunter has been a huge franchise in Japan but has pent a large majority of it's time on Nintendo consoles.

The gameplay trailer that graced the showfloor showed the protagonist with a massive sword on his back in the middle of a hostile environment - surrounded with dinosaurs. That same sea creature can also be seen leaping towards Noctis' face too, which is set to give PlayStation VR users a real jump scare if they aren't expecting it.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV was announced during the Sony E3 2017 presentation.

  • Arturo Norris