Megyn Kelly Criticized By Sandy Hook Parents For Alex Jones Interview

The people behind the far-right, conspiracy theory website Infowars say they're convinced NBC host Megyn Kelly conspired with government manipulators to take down Infowars creator Alex Jones during her controversial interview with him.

Families of those killed in the Sandy Hook shooting condemned the interview, saying it gives a platform to a conspiracy theorist who encourages others to "harass" families reeling from the tragedy.

The parents of children who were killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting are outraged after new NBC host Megyn Kelly taped an interview with InfoWars host Alex Jones, a known conspiracy theorist, that will air this weekend. "It is our hope that Megyn and NBC reconsider and not broadcast this interview".

Megyn Kelly's executive producer says that people shouldn't condemn the NBC anchor for interviewing Alex Jones until they actually watch the interview when it airs next week.

Mothers of Sandy Hook victims have spoken out against Kelly, saying the interview legitimized Jones' views by having him on her show.

"When you say parents faked their children's death, people get very angry", Kelly told Jones.

Nelba Márquez-Greene‏, who lost her daughter at Sandy Hook, helps a young student participate in a Friendship Day campaign at another CT elementary school.

Donald Trump indeed appeared on Jones' show in 2015 and Infowars was given a press credential last month, although it was apparently only a temporary, one-day pass.

On Monday, Kristin Lemkau, J.P. Morgan's chief marketing officer, questioned why Ms. Kelly would conduct the interview. Jones pointed to how the NBC crew lit him as evidence that the interview was meant to "take Alex Jones down".

On one hand, this is called good TV - because Kelly's barely made her debut at NBC and already the news wires are heating about her segment.

I'm not that interested in watching Megyn Kelly, but if she's exposing a charlatan, it seems to me that this is part of her job.

In her first edition of "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly", the anchor interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Many don't know him; our job is 2 shine a light", Kelly wrote on Twitter. "We are trying to protect him as much as we can", she said.

Marquez-Greene told CBS News she anxious that the interview will encourage other conspiracy theorists, some of whom, she says, have harassed her and accused her of being part of a giant hoax.

  • Zachary Reyes