Lady Gaga gets her own Starbucks drink

The coffee chain's announcement comes right around the time when we honor the LGBTQ community, known as Pride, and celebrated in a number of major USA cities, as well as other places around the country.

Gaga founded the non-profit Born This Way Foundation with her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, in 2012 to tackle bullying and boost the confidence of her young fans.

The second drink, Matcha Lemonda, is kind of what is sounds like - a green tea Arnold Palmer and Gaga's favorite.

The Seattle-based coffee giant has teamed with pop star Lady Gaga for the launch Tuesday of "Cups of Kindness", four iced drinks hand picked by the singer herself and available in the us and Canada through June 19.

(The foundation is particularly important for LGBTQ youth and inexplicably tied to Gaga's Born This Way album.) Starting on June 13, Starbucks will give 25 cents of every Cups of Kindness drink it sells to the Born This Way Foundation. A minimum of $250,000 will be donated by Starbucks.

The Cups of Kindness iced beverages include New Matcha Lemonade, New Violet Drink, Ombré Pink Drink, and Pink Drink. "I adore the entire collection and I instantly fell in love with the Matcha Lemonade", she said. "Born This Way Foundation and I are so excited to partner with Starbucks to help inspire positivity and love through the Cups of Kindness collection". The refreshing, nondairy drinks come in a rainbow of colors and are all under 150 calories for a grande size, according to a press release from Starbucks.

New Matcha Lemonade: This vibrant green drink is made with finely ground Teavana matcha green tea, combined with crisp lemonade then shaken with ice to create a refreshingly sweet, delicious drink. Each of these beverages looks colorful and vivid and certainly reflects Lady Gaga's unique and unconventional fashion style, while also encompassing the familiar feel of a regular Starbucks drink.

Two powerful icons are coming together for a great cause.

  • Salvatore Jensen