Fresh iPhone 8 renders show off bezel-less screen, iOS 11 & more

Under the new rules, developers will no longer be able to display review prompts however and whenever they'd like. An app can only display the prompt three times a year, regardless of how often it's been updated.

When the new App Store rating API was introduced in the iOS 10.3 beta period at the start of the year, adoption was optional but Apple warned that it would eventually become mandatory. Custom-built prompts would force users to leave the app and go to the App store in order to provide a rating. While some apps already featured such an option, some high-profile apps like Uber only gave users two choices: to always allow location access or to never allow location access. All binary brokers have web platforms, but in the past mobile apps were a great selling point, as more and more internet users focus on the mobile online activity instead of desktop usage.

Apple will impose limits on how many times apps may present a pop-up to ask you to review them on the App Store, 9to5Mac reported.

A report published by iDrop News gives us our first look at the iPhone X running the recently announced Apple iOS 11.

While these new rules are clearly a boon for consumers, many developers may find the constraints too limiting. At the same time, iOS 11 lays ground work for the future, in that it "opens up to unbelievable possibilities for augmented reality in games and apps". If an app has recently undergone significant changes then it might be more hard to find relevant reviews unless users take the time to write reviews without being prompted.

Apple is putting an end to the scourge of review prompts that seemed to pop up inside of some apps every few days.

That being said, iOS 11 will bring one very nice feature to developers. With iOS 11, developers will be able to preserve their ratings across multiple versions of their apps. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter for updates and his random thoughts on the latest trends in gaming, tech, and comic books.

  • Arturo Norris