Facebook launches Rainbow Flag reaction for Pride Month

Facebook is rolling out a new reaction for users to use during Pride month. It's a great addition for those celebrating Pride Month. Similar is the process to get the new The new features are available only in the United States for now, and some even in the USA complain of not getting the new features despite liking the page.

"When you choose this temporary rainbow reaction, you'll be expressing your "Pride" to the post", Schultz said. In order to spam everyone with some virtual LGBT loving, you will need to go to Facebook's official LGBT page and give it a like.

How do I get the rainbow emoji?

They've also been commenting on his posts with pride flag emojis.

The prominent rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBTQ community since the 1970s, now has two new colors: black and brown.

Facebook launches Rainbow Flag reaction for Pride Month

However, the rainbow flag reaction isn't accessible to everyone. "They are sending threatening messages, making fun of our faith and our God, sending ugly messages to other people on the pages that like us, spreading hate and using vulgarity", the staff wrote.

June is Pride month, and two of the biggest names in tech are getting involved in the celebrations.

The Google artwork appears on the side of a google search and can be viewed when you search for anything about the LGBTQ community or pride month. You get the Facebook Profile Photo here and celebrate pride with Facebook. We hope that these initiatives help in promoting the rights of LGBTQ community and establish equal rights for all.

If you live in one of 35 covered cities and have pulled up Google Maps recently, you might notice rainbow bands covering up some streets on the map.

  • Salvatore Jensen