Days Gone Gameplay Revealed At Sony E3 Briefing

Days Gone was one of the big surprises from last year's Sony E3 conference, which showcased its brand new horde mechanic, a handsome open world environment, along with an atmosphere very reminiscent of The Last of Us.

SonySony played a gameplay trailer of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive game called "Days Gone" during its conference at E3 on Monday, and it looks fantastic. Like, so many zombies on the screen. In a good mix between intense hand-to-hand combat and calculated stealth, players got more of a feel for protagonist Deacon St. John than what we have previously seen.

What do you think about this new gameplay? He travels to established camps and draws away several enemies' attention with the use of one, simple trap. You can check out the new Days Gone gameplay walkthrough, above. The game mechanics seem polished enough at this point. Stay tuned for more from E3 and PS4.

  • Arturo Norris