Cosby jury sent home after deliberating 4 hours

Cosby's wife of 53 years, Camille - in the courtroom for the first time in the 6-day-old trial - was stoic during the defence argument but left when it was the prosecution's turn.

Cosby maintained only that he gave Constand the antihistamine Benadryl to relieve stress, and that they had consensual sexual relations, accusing her of lying.

Deliberations began in Bill Cosby's trial on charges of aggravated indecent assault on Monday after prosecutors and defense attorneys made their final pleas to the jury.

A conviction could send Cosby to prison for the rest of his life, completing the stunning late-life downfall of one of the most beloved stars in show business.

The jury got the case late Monday afternoon, on the sixth day of the trial.

Cosby lawyer Brian McMonagle said that while the comedian had been unfaithful to his wife, he didn't commit a crime.

"She sat with her back to the kitchen wall", Cosby said.

"Drugging somebody and putting them in a position where you can do what you want with them is not romantic".

District Attorney Kevin Steele's closing arguments were businesslike and direct. He also described three pillars of the case had been proven: 1) Cosby drugged Constand; 2) She was "legally" unconscious; and 3) She was unable to consent to sexual activity.

"Your friends", Cosby said he told her.

The defense case consisted of a six-minute appearance by a detective, seemingly created to remind jurors that Andrea Constand had visited with Cosby at an out-of-state casino and that police knew he had vision problems even then.

The 79-year-old entertainer is charged with violating Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.

Whatever the verdict, the trial in Norristown, Pennsylvania marks a steep fall from grace for one of the towering figures of 20th century popular culture, once adored by millions as "America's Dad" for his seminal role as a lovable father and obstetrician on hit TV series "The Cosby Show". The jury included two black members. He noted she first told police that she cut off contact with Cosby after the incident but actually called him more than 50 times over two months. Speaking of, he followed that up with the timeless classic "She knew what she was getting into", setting a romantic scene where Constand and Cosby drank cognac by the fire together like lovers-or like two executives talking business at a country club-a meeting Constand agreed to even after Cosby had tried to put his hands down her trousers. "This is talking to a lover", McMonagle said of one phone call that lasted 49 minutes.

"This isn't a civil case like I told you where we're talking about money", he said.

During the defense closing argument, Camille Cosby and Constand sat in front rows in the courtroom, only feet apart.

"Constand, 44, testified. that Cosby gave her three blue pills and then penetrated her with [his] fingers against her will as she lay paralyzed and half-conscious".

Because of her condition after being drugged that night, Steele said, Cosby took away Constand's ability to say no to any advances. O'Neill asked Cosby if he discussed the issue with his attorneys and if he understood there is no obligation to testify, as the burden to prove the charges of aggravated indecent sexual assault case lies exclusively with the prosecutors. In his six-minute appearance Monday, Shaffer said that Constand had visited with Cosby at an out-of-state casino and that police knew he had vision problems more than a decade ago. His deposition was sealed for years until a judge released parts in 2015 at the request of The Associated Press, prompting a new set of prosecutors to take a fresh look at the case.

McMonagle told the jury that Cosby's freedom is at stake now, not just his finances.

Constand initially settled the case with a civil suit in 2006, having waited a year to report the alleged assault to the police. "We're talking about all the man's tomorrows", he said.

His lawyers said in closing arguments Monday that Cosby is being prosecuted now because of a media firestorm after excerpts from his lurid deposition became public.

Among other admissions, Cosby said in that deposition that he acquired drugs to give to women he sought for sex; McMonagle asked no questions about that on cross-examination, apparently wanting to move past talk about giving drugs to women.

Prosecutors suggest Cosby gave her something stronger.

The deposition seemed to be of keen interest to the jury, which asked to review more than a dozen additional excerpts when they resume deliberations Tuesday morning.

  • Salvatore Jensen