Apple Legalizes In-App Tipping for Content Creators

There are no apps in the App Store with Pepe in the title, and it does not appear in many meme apps and iMessage sticker packs (there are no Pepes in "MemeStickers", for instance).

This means developers can add tipping features without worrying about getting kicked out of the app store, as long as they are willing to give Apple 30%. Johnny Lin made a decision to find out. Reportedly, Apple told several Chinese social networking apps, including WeChat, to disable their tip functions or risk being kicked off the App Store. If a user does go through, a Touch ID prompt box pops up for authentication, but states that the user will pay $99.99 for an automatically renewing seven-day subscription. Apple Music and iCloud subscriptions, plus third party subscriptions on the App Store, exceeded 165 million. VPNs can help users protect user privacy by encrypting traffic, however users should be cautious as VPNs requires trusting the firm offering the service. First, the whole point of the App Store having a review goal is so that nefarious apps can't get approved. Mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower estimates the app has generated about $80,000 per month.

With the revamped App Store, users are now notified whenever developers launch new features for their favorite apps.

Subscriptions and In-App Purchases can also be purchased directly from the App Store outside the app which will be helpful for large brands on the App Store who are big on the Freemium model.

Last month, Apple turned its attentions toward in-app tips, as the feature sidestepped the 30 percent tax that Apple receives from in-app purchases.

As a final point, John Gruber over at Daring Fireball makes a good point, noting: "There should be no "virus and malware" scanners in the App Store".

In its App Store Review Guidelines, Apple said: "Apps may use in-app purchase currencies to enable customers to "tip" digital content providers in the app. Apps may not include buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms other than in-app purchase".

While there have always been apps from less reputable developers in the App Store, one developer called attention to just how bad the problem has become in recent months. "These are the exact sort of apps that the App Store review process should be primarily looking to block", Gruber wrote on his Daring Fireball blog in response to Lin's research.

Meanwhile, developers will have to ask themselves whether they take a cut of the tips or pass the full 70% on to the content creators. First one is that it will be necessary for the apps to use the Apple-based review prompt using which users can rate the app without exiting it.

Hopefully, Lin's story will convince Apple to make some important changes to its search ads system. Unfortunately, Apple has no filter to sift through search ads as of now.

We've reached out to Google for comment and will update when we hear back.

  • Arturo Norris