Apple allows in-app tipping for content creators

How does an app from a no-name developer earn $80,000 per month on the App Store?

Tencent's WeChat instant messaging platform shut down the tipping function of its apps in the Apple Store in April, after failing to reach an agreement with Apple on the issue.

Apple also said that it has paid out nearly $70 Billion to developers in the last 9 years and this doesn't account the ad revenues that most of the free apps make. People have been annoyed by app review prompts for years, and this update seems to remedy the problem.

With Today's tab, App store editors will be pushing content as part of "Daily Stories" with a new app and game featured as the App of the day along with new lists and other content.

Apple's new update to their App Store policies official allows voluntary tipping via virtual currency as in-app purchases that Apple taxes by 30 percent. To quantify it, Lin went to the App Store and looked at the Productivity category.

Virtual currency tipping has emerged as a popular way for app developers to make money without turning to ad revenue.

The App Store rating API which was first launched for iOS 10.3 at the beginning of this year is now optional and the company claimed that later it would become mandatory.

According to new rules, developers can not display the app review prompts whenever they wish too, instead now they have to follow 2 important points before doing so. Devs can now instead supplement their app name with a subtitle to give more explanation of the app. Apple has tightened control over the rating system too, forcing developers to use Apple's API to get ratings. This includes apps such as virus scanners, password generators, and VPN apps.

That being said, iOS 11 will bring one very nice feature to developers.

  • Arturo Norris