Xbox One X Unveiled At E3 2017

Xbox games will be playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.To people who have been wanting to rekindle the days of their Xbox past, now is the time!

Do you agree, did Microsoft sold you a Xbox One X at E3 2017?

Microsoft also announced the games that will be part of the exclusive line-up when they launch the Xbox One X on November 7.

Surprisingly, the console will also be the smallest Xbox EVER - despite all the nifty stuff packed into it. With 4K gaming playback, matched by HDR video quality and Premium Dolby Atmos, Xbox One X is not just a gaming machine but a full entertainment experience. The console's official name has been revealed, and we now know that it will be called the Xbox One X. The new console has a super sampling feature which allows you to Xbox One X games to look better on regular HD TVs. The Xbox One X is powered by a custom GPU engine clocking at 1172MHz (compared to 853MHz on the Xbox One and 911MHz on the PlayStation 4 Pro). The system will cost $499 to begin with, which is pretty costly for a console and likely why they didn't share it during the show.

There's a lot of technical detail behind the scenes, with the cooling overhauled with liquid vapor chamber technology making it more efficient than other consoles, as cooling that's generally reserved for top tier graphics cards.

The new Xbox One X.Screenshot/Business InsiderMicrosoft's new Xbox One X is due to start shipping in November, the company announced on Sunday.

This beastly console will launch with six teraflops, 12GB of memory, 326GB of bandwidth and constant 4k resolution.

Thankfully, with the likes of Assassin's Creed Origins, Anthem and Metro Exodus on the horizon, it's got the ideal games to flex its muscle.

Xbox One X has been designed to be the best console to create and play games on, with true 4K graphic fidelity.

  • Carolyn Briggs