Videos show rescue of rape victim, serial killer confessions

The footage emerged during the trial of Kohlhepp. Ms.

However, Brown's boyfriend, Carver, who had been kidnapped with her two months beforehand on August 31, 2016 was nowhere to be found.

The distressed woman replies: "Todd Kohlhepp shot Charlie Carver three times in the chest, wrapped him in a blue tarp, put him in the bucket of the tractor, locked me down here".

"He says he's dead and buried", the woman said. "He says there are several bodies dead and buried out here", she added.

The solicitor's office released video and images from the Todd Kohlhepp case, including the rescue of Kala Brown, who was held captive on his property, and part of Kohlhepp's confession to a quadruple killing, June 9, 2017. In a Spartanburg courtroom, he was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences in prison, plus 60 more years for offenses including the kidnapping and sexual assault of his surviving victim, Brown.

"We're getting bolt cutters, honey", one officer tells her.

In the disturbing video included below, officers can be seen walking up to a metal storage container on Kohlhepp's Woodruff property.

On a plastic table next to Brown are several paperback books and a food container.

Prosecutors released the video this week after Kohlhepp pleaded guilty to seven counts of murder to avoid the death penalty.

"My neck's attached to the wall", Brown tells police. "I cleared that building in under 30 seconds", Kohlhepp told investigators.

Kohlhepp, whose neighbors previously remembered him as a normal guy with a dry sense of humor, is captured on a separate video telling authorities how he killed the four workers at Superbike Motorsports almost 15 years earlier.

"Do you know where your buddy is?" one officer asks, referring to Carver.

Three bodies were found by authorities, including one identified as Carver, on Kohlhepp's property. The couple had been missing for two months, and Brown's cellphone indicated she might have been in the area when she vanished.

Koehlepp has pleaded guilty to the seven murders, which took place over 13 years.

The investigators questioned him about whether any of the victims begged for their lives or said anything to him.

Brown talked about her ordeal in a interview on the "Dr. Phil" TV program in February. Four people were killed: 50-year-old bookkeeper Beverly Guy; her son, 30-year-old Scott Ponder; 30-year-old service manager Brian Lucas; and 26-year-old mechanic Chris Sherbert. "Once I engaged, I was engaged", he said.

He also killed 29-year-old Johnny Coxie and 26-year-old Leigh McCraw-Coxie in December 2015.

"She wanted Little Caesar's pizza". I hate that shit. Authorities there said the then 15-year-old Kohlhepp forced a 14-year-old neighbor back to his home at gunpoint, tied her up and raped her. If you go down to that building, you'll find an unused package of Newports that I bought for her.

  • Larry Hoffman