UK's May Says She Will Form Gov't, Press Ahead With Brexit

They said it was clear the humiliated Tory leader had lost any majority for a "hard" Brexit - or clean break from the European Union bloc without a deal - in the Commons. "This means a lot of infighting will go in the Tories (Conservatives) and this will not be helpful for the European Union either, as no clear position will emerge". Now that it chose to jump ship, it seems it can't get its act together to actually leave. But "we know when they must end".

"Our shared responsibility and urgent task now is to conduct the the best possible spirit, securing the least disruptive outcome", said Tusk.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was a bit more optimistic.

Current plans to start negotiations in the week of June 19 may have to be delayed, experts said. "So we are waiting for visitors coming from London". That's now up in smoke.

Mrs May expected this general election to clarify to the European Union her hold on power and tighten her grip on her own political party. I mean, she said vote for me, and I'll be a strong and stable leader in the Brexit negotiations. "So our expectation and hope is that there is a new government in London as soon as possible".

"We stand ready", said Mr Oettinger.

"The push for a "hard Brexit" is weakened". At a time of vexing external threats, particularly terrorism, Britain now had to deal with a thoroughly self-inflicted headache.

Love her or loathe her, the reality you and your clients face today is we now have a caretaker prime minister who clearly doesn't have the nation's confidence and has plummeted this country into more instability and uncertainty.

That has now all gone up in smoke.

However, the result could have a big impact on the final shape of Brexit.

At the time she was riding high in the polls and she pushed a tough message on Brexit on the campaign trail, saying she was planning to be a "bloody hard woman" in Brussels.

"I think that Brexit actually is going to have to be negotiated in a very different way", she told ITV. As Karel Lannoo, the chief executive officer of the Centre for European Policy Studies think tank, said, "A small majority will not help".

Noting the bloc's combined military spending and capabilities, Mogherini boldly stated: "Are we a superpower?" Mayhem in the United Kingdom: A shock general election result has sown confusion over the Brexit process and put a squeeze on the British pound.

They wanted a clear line one way or the other.

Some senior European Union officials denied there was even the slightest sense of satisfaction in the U.K.'s political turmoil.

And it was May who had warned that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker would discover she could be a "bloody hard woman" after details of a dinner attended by May, Juncker and the EU's top Brexit negotiator were leaked to a German newspaper earlier this year.

"With a weak negotiating partner, there is the danger that the negotiations will turn out badly".

"Politics has changed", Corbyn said.

"There is no doubt Brexit will happen, but things have become more complicated", he added.

Other EU political leaders were less diplomatic, using Twitter to gang up on May.

While May remains prime minister until a new government is formed, she does not have a clear mandate for her interpretation of Brexit that includes limits on immigration and leaving the single market.

"During that time, the British government has not been practically capable to open negotiations with the EU", Sobotka said. And with the negotiating phase of Brexit needing to be wrapped up by the autumn of next year, officials are putting pressure on Britain not to disrupt an already tight timeline.

  • Zachary Reyes