Sen. Collins: Tone, context of Trump-Comey conversations "so important"

President Trump will apparently not try to cite executive privilege in an attempt to block the Russian Federation investigation-related testimony of fired FBI director James Comey, according to two senior Trump administration officials who spoke with the New York Times.

Senators will nearly certainly ask Comey whether Trump asked him to drop an FBI investigation into former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn's contacts with Russian government officials. Senators are expected to grill Comey-in both an open and a closed panel-on certain conversations with Trump or his aides, including one in which Trump reportedly asked Comey to drop an investigation into former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's dealings with Russian Federation and Turkey.

James Comey could be blocked from testifying about his firing by President Donald Trump, with the White House reportedly considering a controversial measure to keep the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director from appearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee next week. "Yeah look, he's going to show up, and my suspicion is he is going to say the president brought this up and I was offended by this". House Democrats sent a letter to the White House on Friday night saying that the president couldn't block Comey's testimony by claiming executive privilege.

President Donald Trump might invoke executive privilege to prevent that from happening. The testimony will be Comey's first public c...

While presidents have the discretion to claim the privilege, "Congressional committees can fight back with their own constitutional tools, including subpoenas, contempt citations, refusals to hold hearings on presidential programs or appointments, or the ultimate tool of impeachment", said Rozell.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said later Friday the decision by the White House counsel's office hasn't been made yet.

Mr. Comey was cleared to testify by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, another former FBI director now overseeing the investigation into all things Russian Federation. Even if we ignore all the years from 2008 to 2015, the extraordinary closeness of the Russians via Kislyak with the Trump campaign is not very secret - a lot of those photos are in public domain. He is expected to address reports that Trump sought to have him end an investigation into a former top official, and sought a loyalty pledge from the independent former FBI chief.

How would Trump invoke the privilege to block Comey's testimony?

Comey is set to testify June 8 before the Senate Intelligence Committee on the probe into possible ties between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign.

File- FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress to answer "important questions" about the Hillary Clinton email investigation on July 5, 2016.

The Russian government has denied US intelligence agencies' conclusion that it sought to influence the election in Trump's favor, but Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that some Russian individuals may have acted on their own.

The White House dismissed the memo as inaccurate.

"This is extraordinarily complex and we have a wonderful staff", she said, "but I think we would benefit from having an experienced investigator" to oversee the probe, she said.

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