N.Irish unionists agree 'confidence' deal with Tories

He said: "I think we have a job to do and the job is try to provide the most steady government we most possibly can".

She warned her 13 MPs "will vote entirely as they believe they should" in parliament, raising doubts the government could secure enough votes to pass a deal taking Britain out of the single market.

As rumors swirled about plots to oust May, Johnson denied he was planning a leadership challenge.

"May fights to remain PM", headlined the Conservative-supporting Daily Telegraph headlined, while the Daily Mail said: "Tories turn on Theresa".

"I am backing Theresa May. Let's get on with the job".

May's Conservatives lost their parliamentary majority in a humiliating election Thursday and now need the support of the 10 MPs from Northern Ireland's ultra-conservative DUP to pass votes, sparking widespread calls for her to resign.

May's party won 318 seats, eight short of the 326 they needed for an outright majority.

While he played down suggestions that would involve rethinking the approach to Brexit, he indicated that there would be a new emphasis on business and did not rule out the possibility of co-operating with the Labour Party.

Thinking she could solidify her majority, she held a snap election this week-but the public that had voted for Brexit turned on her and took away the Conservatives' majority in Parliament.

Theresa May did not reshuffle the most important positions in her new cabinet.

Ms Davidson, who became engaged to partner Jen Wilson in May 2016, told the BBC: "I was fairly straightforward with her (Mrs May) and I told her that there were a number of things that count to me more than the party".

But Graham Brady, who chairs the influential 1922 Committee of backbench Conservative lawmakers, said a "self-indulgent" party leadership campaign would only cause more uncertainty.

But senior figures also cautioned against an immediate leadership election, as the government prepares to start talks on leaving the European Union around June 19.

"I would not want abortion to be as freely available here as it is in England", the party leader said a year ago.

David Davis, the cabinet member in charge of Brexit, said talks with the European Union may not start on Monday because it would clash with the Queen's Speech, but they will still begin next week.

May's chief whip Gavin Williamson is in Belfast today holding talks with the DUP, her office said.

Amid reports that senior Tories were sounding out potential replacements for Mrs May, prominent Conservative MP Heidi Allen said the Prime Minister had six months at most left in Downing Street.

"The DUP will work to bring about outcomes that are beneficial to all, and in Parliament Northern Ireland's case will be centre stage".

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has sought assurances from the Prime Minister that any deal with the DUP would not damage LGBT rights in the rest of the UK.

However not everyone is convinced the Conservative-DUP alliance will be so successful. The DUP is a socially conservative group that opposes abortion and same-sex marriage and had links to Protestant paramilitary groups during Ireland's sectarian "Troubles".

May shrugged off suggestions that her days as prime minister were numbered. The then deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, Martin McGuiness, resigned over Foster's failure to adequately deal with the issues, and the power-sharing executive collapsed.

SCULLY: We now have a deeply uncertain situation with regard to the British government, and it is extremely hard to see what sort of, you know, progress can be made in these talks.

Timothy and Hill had worked for May when she was interior minister, before she became premier in July past year in the chaotic days that followed the Brexit vote.

"There's a possibility of voting the Queen's Speech down and we're going to push that all the way".

  • Leroy Wright