Microsoft unveils Xbox One X

Microsoft has also announced that it will be coming out in November 7th 2017. There's no word yet on other titles that will be following to Xbox One, but he promised more information soon. That means anyone who hasn't been inexplicably holding onto their dust-covered copies of Blinx: The Time Sweeper, Otogi, or Azurik: Rise Of Perathia won't be totally out of luck. It's part of the "Xbox One family" and is architecturally identical to the Xbox One and Xbox One S. It features full compatibility with all Xbox One games and accessories, with room for graphical improvements when supported.

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What this essentially translates to is that the Xbox One X will have unbelievable graphics.

Unfortunately, beyond improved graphics, it doesn't seem like Microsoft has anything special in store for fighting game fans.

Microsoft has revealed its flagship Xbox One console variant at this year's E3 expo. It was also revealed that the console exclusive of the massively popular Battle Royale-style game, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, will be Xbox's.

PlayStation already outsells Xbox by a reported two-to-one in United States and as much as three-to-one in Europe. Setting aside the fact that 4K TVs aren't quite common yet, the main issue with the Xbox One X is the fact that none of those games that it runs in 4K are exclusive to the Xbox One X. The Duke is actually a flawless replica of the 2001 Xbox's included controller that many of us remember having to learn to wrangle in order to play Halo. Another 30 third-party games will also get updates, including Final Fantasy XIV and The Witcher III.

I reached out to Microsoft's press relations in an attempt to clarify HDR support on Xbox One X. My question asked specifically whether Dolby Vision was supported and was told instead that HDR10 would be. Though the company has been pushing forward with its HoloLens "mixed reality" headset, there was no mention of virtual reality games or HoloLens compatibility for the One X. The console is expected to be released on 7th November, in time for the holiday rush. Both the S and the X are going to coexist for two different audiences: ones that care about the best looking graphics and 4K gameplay, and ones that just want to play the Xbox lineup.

  • Arturo Norris