Merkel Ready for Brexit Talks with Britain

A diminished May, who is already facing calls to resign, has less parliamentary room for maneuver within her own party. So she flung the dice and lost. May's Conservative Party still has the largest number of MPs, but lacks a majority.

The party won 318 seats, eight less than the total 326 required, which forced her to join hands with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party.

In the palaces and chancelleries of Europe - not to mention in Brussels - the presidents, prime ministers and European Commission bureaucrats will no doubt be chortling with uncontrolled glee at the humiliation that Mrs May could be heading for. May confirms she would keep her senior Ministers in the same posts.

With media asking whether May could remain in Downing Street after her electoral humiliation, ministers said now was not the time for the further uncertainty that a party leadership contest would bring. May's campaign performance had flaws, but the party wanted continuity.

"Young Britons aren't convinced Brexit can be reversed, but they definitely want a much softer Brexit than the hard one May wanted a mandate for", said Felix Marquardt, the founder of the Youthonomics think tank and of the movement Get Gone!, which encourages young Britons to temporarily leave the go study and work in other European Union countries.

"I don't think there is any great appetite either for a leadership contest or, the public will be relieved to hear, for a general election", he added.

Instead, Ms. May has been badly weakened and may not survive in office much longer. "We should clearly come to terms with the British to start as quickly as possible".

Before her defeat, May said she wanted to negotiate the divorce and the future trading relationship with the European Union before Britain leaves in March 2019, followed by what she calls a phased implementation process to give business time to prepare for the impact of the divorce.

Ahead of Brexit talks, Davis said the people had demanded in last year's European Union referendum to take control of the United Kingdom's borders which means leaving the single market.

And it was May who had warned that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker would discover she could be a "bloody hard woman" after details of a dinner attended by May, Juncker and the EU's top Brexit negotiator were leaked to a German newspaper earlier this year.

Speaking at ITV's "Good Morning Britain" show, Davis said the government's Brexit strategy will not change after the unexpected vote result, and expressed his support for May.

"Whatever happens Theresa May is toast - it is just a matter of time", Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said.

Labour is reported to have taken Kensington, the last seat to declare, after several recounts, says The Guardian, citing reports.

Concerns grew that Brexit negotiations could be put on hold after Britain's Conservative Party failed to secure a majority in Parliament and a clear mandate in the snap election Thursday.

Then in April, Cameron's successor, May, called an early election that again stalled talks with Brussels.

In an interview with Sky News at around 2am on election night, the MP pointed to the Conservative manifesto which pledged to leave the customs union and single market and that the British people would make "their decision" on the Brexit proposal.

At the time she was riding high in the polls and she pushed a tough message on Brexit on the campaign trail, saying she was planning to be a "bloody hard woman" in Brussels.

  • Joanne Flowers