Malaysia Airlines plane turns back after 'bomb threat'

A Malaysia Airlines plane was forced to turn back just minutes into a flight after a passenger tried to "enter the cockpit".

Nonetheless passengers on board were extremely frightened as the men was shouting that he was going to blow up the plane.

MAS said MH128 landed safely at Melbourne Airport at 11.41pm, adding that "the aircraft is now at the remote bay and waiting for security assistance to arrive". "They will be offered on the next available flight or on other carriers".

The man did not have a bomb and was restrained by passengers and crew.

The Sydney Morning Herald said defence lawyer Tessa Dunsford told the Magistrate's Court in Melbourne that 25-year-old Manodh Marks, who is a Sri Lankan national, was concerned about his safety in custody due to "his age and appearance".

Melbourne Airport was placed in lockdown after the incident, with flights resuming at 2:30 a.m., but travelers were urged to contact airlines for more information.

Heavily armed police have been called to a plane at Melbourne's Tullamarine airport after a man who reportedly claimed to have a bomb tried to enter the cockpit of a Malaysia Airlines flight.

The airline said the incident would be investigated.

A Malaysia Airlines flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur was turned back last night after a "disruptive" and "threatening" passenger attempted to enter the plane's cockpit holding an unidentified black device, after threatening fellow passengers he would "blow the plane up".

The passengers and crew managed to tie the man's hands with seatbelts and subdue him until the plane landed back in Melbourne.

Eventually, armed guards boarded the flight and apprehended the suspect while airport security grounded all outbound flights.

Scot Robert MacDonald, was among a group of passengers who subdued the man and tied him up with belts.

"Passengers are now exiting the plane and speaking to investigators", police said.

The passenger was later arrested by Australian authorities in Melbourne. The MH128 safely landed at the airport at 11:41 p.m. Australian police said they found no evidence of a bomb on board the flight.

"Safety and security are of Malaysia Airlines' utmost priority".

"The plane landed safely at the airport and passengers are now exiting the plane and speaking to investigators".

  • Zachary Reyes