Kylie Jenner feels 'pressured' to keep up an image

KYLIE Jenner is set to share her more vulnerable side in her upcoming reality show, Life Of Kylie.

In the trailer, Kylie admits that she feels a huge amount of pressure to maintain her highly sexualized image.

She's preparing for the release of her brand new E! show, breaking out from the shadows of her famous sisters.

Now, it would be nearly impossible for one person to exclusively claim or be completely credited for creating camo-print fashion (except, you know, the military). "Copy and paste down to the shoes I used on my models", Balemlay wrote, along with a side-by-side comparison of PluggedNYC's camo designs and Jenner modelling her camo print, reports

In the trailer the 19-year-old, who is dating rapper Travis Scott following her split from former beau Tyga, is seen being filmed while living her glamorous life as she preps for high profile events such as the 2017 Met Gala, and in more dressed down mode, wearing sweats at home snuggling with her dogs, meeting young fans, and cuddling a baby after an operation.

Rob Kardashian appeared in Rob & Chyna alongside baby mama Blac Chyna, Caitlyn Jenner got her own series called I Am Cait, and Dash Dolls follows the staff of the Kardashians' Dash Boutique in Hollywood.

Scenes of Kylie at photo shoots flashed on screen as well as lighter moments of her having fun with friends, including Jordyn Woods.

As the trailer continues, Kylie adds: "Sometimes I just want to scream..."

Kylie's highly-anticipated spin-off series will premiere in the USA on August 6 as Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans will get a further glimpse into the star's world.

In a previous post, Balemlay argued that, while she never claimed to start the "camo movement", she "brought it back to life".

  • Leroy Wright