Jeremy Corbyn: I can 'absolutely' still be Prime Minister

Mrs May is seeking to rely on the Democratic Unionist Party's 10 MPs to win key votes in Parliament.

The 60-year-old leader said she had tapped experience across the "whole of the Conservative Party" when she appointed Michael Gove, a long-serving cabinet minister who had clashed with May when she was home secretary, as agriculture minister.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said: "The Prime Minister has tonight spoken with the DUP to discuss finalising a confidence and supply deal when Parliament returns next week".

"They (the DUP) are going to support us on the big Brexit, economic and security issues facing this country", he said.

Kenny will soon be replaced by Ireland's Taoiseach-elect Leo Varadkar, who won a Fine Gael internal party election earlier this month and is scheduled to be confirmed by the Irish parliament, the Dáil, next week. It was a bid to shore up her majority in Parliament.

"From hubris to humiliation", said the left-leaning Guardian. She wanted, for example, an end to the automatic right of EU nationals to settle in the U.K. She wanted total control over U.K. trade while maintaining full access to the EU single market, while massively reducing or even eliminating the U.K.'s budget contribution to EU coffers.

A party councillor in Ballymena reportedly claimed Hurricane Katrina, which killed more than 1,500 people in the USA, was God's revenge for New Orleans hosting an annual gay pride event. Former Conservative cabinet minister Owen Paterson, asked about her future, said: "Let's see how it pans out".

Far from the strong and stable government promised by the PM, the chaotic events of the last few days have seen calls for May's resignation, while her top two advisors have quit in the wake of the result.

With only 17 of the 650 seats still to declare, the results largely bore out the exit poll, which predicted the Conservatives would get 314 of the 650 House of Commons seats, down from 330.

Following the Brexit and the series of Terrorists attack, the incumbent Government faces an uphill task to convince others to form the Government.

Speculation has been mounting over a leadership challenge following poor general election results which saw her party lose its majority.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who is engaged to an Irish woman, signalled her opposition by tweeting a link to a same-sex marriage lecture she gave previous year.

Jeremy Corbyn said he will oppose the government all the way, telling the Sunday Mirror he can "still be prime minister".

Several hundred people - many of them Labour voters - protested in central London against the alliance, with chants of "racist, sexist, anti-gay, the DUP has got to go".

Only marginally short of the magic figure, Theresa May has the option of accepting support from the 10-member Northern Ireland Unionists but that support will only come at a price which she may willy nilly have to accept.

On Brexit, the DUP supports leaving the European Union but opposes a return to a "hard" border with Ireland - which could happen if May carries through her threat to walk away from the talks rather than accept a "bad deal".

Last year, DUP MP Sammy Wilson was accused of racism after a member of the public said Northern Ireland should "get the ethnics out" - to which he appeared to reply "you are absolutely right".

The DUP does not work or negotiate on Sundays for religious reasons, but officials from both sides are due to meet on Monday, and DUP leader Arlene Foster told Sky News she would meet May on Tuesday.

  • Leroy Wright