How to unlock Facebook's new Pride reaction

If you've signed onto Facebook recently, you may have noticed they added a rainbow reaction option.

FACEBOOK has added a rainbow flag to the list of emojis which you can use to react to posts on the social media platform. It's a great addition for those celebrating Pride Month.

Google and Facebook are both showing their support for LGBTQ communities around the world.

Many people have already begun using the pride reaction on several pages that usually take anti-LGBTQ stances, such as the Democratic Unionist Party, which is particularly known for its opposition to LGBT rights.

In order to get access to the reaction emoji, along the more familiar Like, Love, Haha and all the rest, you need to activate it.

The feature is available across the United Kingdom right now, but don't worry if you can't see it yet. "If you swipe to the left of News Feed, click on the magic wand to bring up camera effects and you'll be able to find the effects in the mask and frame category", company officials explained.

However, the rainbow flag reaction isn't accessible to everyone.

In honour of Pride Month, you can now respond with a rainbow. In case if you don't know, LGBTI stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans gender and intersex and pride month is celebrated every year in the month of June.

  • Leroy Wright