Hawaii enacts laws adopting Paris climate deal pledges

Immediately following Mr Trump's unprecedented move, three state governors created the US Climate Alliance which pledged to uphold their obligations under the Paris agreement.

Trudeau also had dinner Tuesday with Barack Obama following the former USA president's speech in Montreal, which echoed numerous multilateral themes in an earlier foreign policy address by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.

"So the departure of United States of America does not really change anything in as far as the effectiveness of the climate change multi-lateral agreement is concerned", Chademana said.

David Ige signed two bills yesterday (June 6) to enforce parts of the Paris Agreement-making Hawaii the first state to take concrete action in support of the worldwide climate agreement.

The bills' signage came with the support of four Hawaiian county mayors, who have joined hundreds of other mayors across the US in signing a commitment agreement.

Texas, the largest producer of climate-changing carbon dioxide in the US and the biggest state economy after California, is a key figure absent from the list. With Trump pulling out of the agreement, the USA will join only two other countries that have not ratified the pact: Syria and Nicaragua. Hawaii is one of many U.S. states and cities to affirm the principles of the Paris Accord and agree to uphold the treaty despite the federal government's rejection of it. Hawaii County managing director Wil Okabe emphasized the importance of the laws' passage. "In this day and age, it is time for states and governors to lead". "That's why my administration and the Legislature are already taking concrete steps to implement the Paris Accord", Ige said in a statement after Trump announced the country's withdrawal.

"Utah is warming at twice the global average, and our drinking water is at risk", said Biskupsi, saying she was acting "for the well-being of the planet I'm leaving to my sons and your children".

The Paris agreement was reached in 2015, and it was a signature diplomatic achievement for Trump's predecessor, President Barack Obama.

Some studies suggest the United States will cut emissions as much as 19 percent by 2025 if it simply moves forward as is, he said.

Cleveland's leader also said his city is committed to fighting climate change from greenhouse gas emissions.

For another, Trump's team had cherry-picked the evidence, looking for the lowest number they could find-no matter if it was applicable or not-among the studies that explored the impact of the climate accord, said Erwan Monier, co-author of the study and principal research scientist at MIT's department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. "Trump can take some perverse credit for that".

  • Julie Sanders