Former President Carter shakes hands with everyone on flight

The moment was captured by passenger James Parker Sheffield, who recorded Carter's glad handing on his cell phone.

"Jimmy Cater is on my plane to DC from ATL and just shook every hand of every passenger", the tweet read.

Highly personal and genuine greetings is business as usual for Carter: People also spotted him performing this pre-flight ritual on his route to Washington for President Trump's inauguration in January. Who expects a president to be on their commercial flight, let alone making an effort to greet every passenger? "To kickoff going to speak to my elected officials with a handshake from President Carter felt extremely patriotic".

Carter spokeswoman Deanna Congileo tells The Associated Press that Carter has shaken hands with travelers on planes for decades since leaving office and "enjoys it".

A passenger posted a video on Twitter.

If you're on a flight with Jimmy Carter, there's a good chance you will get a handshake from the nation's second-oldest living president.

Jimmy Carter has apparently done this for quite a while.

  • Leroy Wright