Eight more arrested over Tehran terror attacks

It suggested there were only five attackers rather than the six originally reported.

Two terrorist raids launched on the mausoleum of the late Imam Khomeini, and the Iranian Parliament on Wednesday, claimed the lives 17 people and injured more than 45 others.

According to Fazelian, seven of the individuals were arrested in Fardis, in southern Alborz, and one in Karaj, the provincial capital.

Abe said he strongly condemned the attacks and described them as a despicable act of terrorism against the people of Iran.

On Friday, authorities announced the arrests of 41 suspects in connection with the twin Tehran attacks.

Revealing the names, photos and identities of the assailants, the Intelligence Ministry said in a statement that the terrorists were affiliated to Wahhabi and Takfiri groups who joined ISIL terrorist group overseas and were red handed in the crimes of the terrorist group in Mosul of Iraq and Raqa in Syria. Iran's Revolutionary Guards blamed regional Sunni rival Saudi Arabia, a UAE ally. During the operation to arrest the terrorists, large amounts of weapons, bomb-making materials, explosive belts, communication equipment, and forged documents had also found, it added.

That ISIS is the world's biggest terrorist organization, and that Iran has been heavily supporting both Iraq and Syria in fighting ISIS, doesn't fit into Trump's narrative, and the fact that ISIS just launched terrorist attacks in Tehran is particularly unwelcome to the U.S. agenda of trying to spin everything wrong in the Middle East as being Iran's fault.

  • Leroy Wright