Crackdown 3 launches November 7, E3 2017 trailer

In total, Microsoft showed off 42 games, with 22 of those titles set for some sort of "console exclusivity" on the Xbox One, during its E3 press conference. The service rolls out later in 2017. As such all current Xbox One accessories will work with the Xbox One X. That's a high price to pay for the Xbox One X, although Microsoft believes that it's worth every penny to deliver on what they call the most powerful gaming console ever made.

The game will release on Xbox One in late 2017. In fact, Microsoft said that it is the "smallest Xbox ever".

There's a lot of technical detail behind the scenes, with the cooling overhauled with liquid vapor chamber technology making it more efficient than other consoles, as cooling that's generally reserved for top tier graphics cards. This easily beats the PlayStation 4 Pro, which should give Sony some concern.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One X will be able to run 900p and 1080p Xbox games on native 4K and will give some graphical boost to Xbox One and One S games.

Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington, showed off 42 games at the event, from the Egyptian-themed Assassin's Creed Origins to the Forza Motorsport 7 racing game, which features a partnership with Porsche.

However, that was also the only game to be announced.

  • Arturo Norris