Bill Cosby trial: Gloria Allred booted from courtroom after cellphone goes off

Agrusa also grilled Constand about inconsistencies in her initial report to police about the night of the assault.

Constand acknowledged that she did call Cosby after the alleged assault occurred, the Inquirer reported.

At the time, Constand was the director of operations for the Temple University women's basketball team.

Constand's testimony is expected to continue when the trial resumes in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday. Temple is Cosby's alma mater, and he was a powerful trustee there at the time. I felt him take my hand and place it on his penis and move it back and forth.

She says Cosby became more flirtatious and suggestive over time, once grabbing her thigh and later attempting to unbutton her trousers.

The deposition Cosby provided in that civil suit, in which he admitted to many of Constand's allegations, is central to the case against him.

On the second day of testimony by Andrea Constand who, after a decade, finally told her story alleging that she was drugged, temporarily paralyzed, and raped by sinister pudding man Bill Cosby-now accused of rape by over fifty women-Gloria Allred's cell phone went off.

In one incident, attorneys suggested, Ms Constand attended a private, fire-lit dinner with the comedian.

"I can't sit here today and remember a time I got him on the phone, though it may have been possible", Constand, 44, testified.

"So you knew - you were alone at his home - that Mr. Cosby was interested in you romantically?" "I don't give out my number and I never answer it anyway, you know that". Cosby, a university trustee, followed the athletics department closely, she said.

Gianna Constand testified that Andrea returned to the family home in Canada in the spring of 2004 to pursue a new career as a massage therapist. What's left is a stalemate between parties - an eternal he-said-she-said battle in which the court of public opinion is the only law. He then apologized to Andrea and her mother, Gianna Constand said.

When her daughter accused Cosby of sexually assaulting her at his Cheltenham mansion after plying her with pills and incapacitating her, Gianna Constand said her motherly instinct kicked in and she wanted to confront Cosby about the alleged January 2004 assault.

"Put them down. They're your friends". The defense questioning focused on the jumbled set of details she related to police in interviews.

Returning to the phone logs, Feden pointed out that in nearly every case the calls Constand placed to Cosby came after she had checked her voicemail - a pattern that bolstered her claim she was merely returning messages from Cosby, the prosecutor said. During that call, Cosby avoided any discussion of the incident and instead suggested he would be willing to pay for Constand to attend graduate school. She did not see Cosby before or after the show, she said, but she gave Cosby's aides a gift from her brother.

"I feel bad telling you this, like I sound like a perverted person", she said Cosby told her. She insisted the relationship was strictly professional.

Another potential problem for Constand is the fact that there had been some sexual overtures by Cosby before the night of the alleged assault.

Cosby, the celebrity comedian and television actor, is charged with aggravated indecent assault.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

  • Leroy Wright