Apple Unveils the HomePod

Let's take a look at the price and features of these three smart speakers. In Amazon's battle over Echo data in a murder case, it argued that the First Amendment protected voice commands but eventually handed over the recordings.

Now, more tech companies are rushing out their own versions of the device. Besides, we will have to wait and see how the public will receive the upcoming Echo Show that will go on sale June 28th.

Smart speakers are pretty good listeners, too.

Nonetheless, there's no denying that Siri doesn't currently match market leader Amazon Alexa, which now offers over 12,000 voice-based skills with more added each month.

What is it used for?

With the rise of artificial intelligence on premium smartphones, major technology manufacturers are extending it to the field of smart home assistants and home speakers.

"The Apple HomePod is being positioned first as a smart music player and secondarily as a Siri-enabled digital home assistant", he said. The Echo is handy for ordering things from Amazon Prime, but it struggles with answering basic knowledge questions.

Apple has entered the Bluetooth speaker market with the HomePod.

7 of 12The Most Powerful Smart Home Hub Ever? Amazon's smaller, battery-operated Tap device is created to play on the go.

Some industry-watchers have also predicted Apple will announce hardware similar to Amazon's Echo device for the home, which has been a hot-seller recently.

Apple is confident enough about the product that it says the HomePod will dominate the marketplace in 2018. According to Apple, the device analyzes a room's acoustics and will adjust its sound to direct audio across the room.

What services and apps do they work with? But the ability to work with third-parties is part of what makes them most useful. Users will be able to issue voice commands to turn lights on and off, manage thermostat settings and much more. Siri will play a central role in all HomePod functions. Without one, users can only ask Siri to play podcasts or BeatsOne radio. "Others have worked to make smart speakers that you can talk to, but they don't sound so great when you listen to music".

What are the privacy concerns? Some people use Spotify. Again, we've heard the audio performance of the Echo for ourselves, and we'd put it just slightly below the Google Home - it'll do for a party or some casual listening but serious music enthusiasts are going to be left wanting.

"With Apple acquiring Bowers & Wilkins talent to develop AirPods, it's clear they are taking audio more seriously", says Wills.

Anyone who is busy cooking, holding kids or doing other tasks at home will benefit from a hands-free computer. This alone places Siri at a tremendous disadvantage since it understands less about each specific user. Their common inspiration for what's ahead is Star Trek's omnipresent, voice-activated assistant "Computer", which could do everything from calculating a starship's trajectory to making a nice cup of tea.

  • Zachary Reyes