Apple just made all your iPhone apps way less annoying

A Redddit user named MrSnrhms on Thursday posted a screenshot of a response from a member of Apple's App Review Board, saying that the app violated Apple's guidelines.

- Use the provided API to prompt users to review your app; this functionality allows customers to provide an App Store rating and review without the inconvenience of leaving your app, and we will disallow custom review prompts. The changes were first spotted by 9to5Mac.

In other words, app developers can no longer put their own review prompts into their apps.

As for Apple's role in the app business, Schiller said the release of iOS 10 last fall helped create new opportunities - from giving a friend a Starbucks gift card using Apple Pay to collaborating on a fashion design sketch using Prêt à Template. That's a huge convenience that may well get a lot more people to leave ratings.

The second restriction is on how often that prompt can show up. Oh, and developers can only prompt for reviews three times a year, with the prompt going away for a year after a user submits a rating.

Users will also be able to opt out of receiving pop-ups entirely. If the user decides not to leave a rating or a review, they won't have to see it over and over again every time they open the app.

This seems like it should be a win-win for users and developers. If that results in more reviews - and reviews from users who aren't annoyed about switching apps - that's a good thing for developers, too.

  • Carolyn Briggs