White House wants healthcare vote this summer, tax reform in fall

Trump Jr. declined to comment Friday about his tweets, leaving unanswered questions as to whether they were urged by the White House, which outsourced its Comey response to the Republican National Committee and the president's personal lawyer.

Almost five months in, though, little of that has happened. He met with Republican congressional leaders in the White House and hosted a dinner with Republican lawmakers Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton on Tuesday.

"[Jeff Sessions] is a good man, and you need to listen to your lawyers, Mr. President", he said.

In one way at least, President Donald Trump is honoring his pledge to create American jobs.

While the populism espoused by Sanders and Warren is economic, challenging C.E.O.s, major corporations and "the billionaire class", Trump is the messenger of what [Guy] Molyneux calls "political populism", which "is, fundamentally, a story about the failure of government.".

Democrats learned early on in Trump's presidency that there is no upside to working with the contentious leader.

Kasowitz has worked extensively with Trump over the years. His allies on Capitol Hill are looking to clear the way for more, especially in areas where Democrats still hold sway.

Democrats have criticized Trump's focus on public-private partnerships, which they say may draw investment to booming metropolitan areas where investors might reap profits from toll roads, but will shortchange rural areas and won't help rebuild schools. "So the President's going to have to lead".

That challenge has been compounded by the London terror attacks, Trump's tweeted response and the courts' handling of the Administration's travel ban. He suggested that the changes made by the Senate will not represent a dramatic departure from the House version. They want to turn to tax reform, but for legislative procedural reasons they have to pass a budget through both the House and Senate first - not an inconsequential feat.

Twenty years ago, as Politico pointed out, Clinton lost an argument in court that White House communications with government attorneys was protected by attorney-client privilege.

These congressional leaders also have their futures on the line. Senate Republicans and Trump's advisers have expressed concerns about it. The focus of that meeting will be the President's recent foreign trip and foreign policy.

The president's eldest son, whose Twitter feed can at times be as inflammatory as his father's, was a one-man rapid-response team as the fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director testified before a Senate panel Thursday. Chon said that everything would be considered but the administration of Trump should hand over the reforms to the Congress parties.

What do you say we make it a cooperative joint venture - get rid of the liars and hatemongers, quit blaming, be educated and make sense of the real hard facts and make way for better government so we can build a more ideal community for all.

After all, McConnell knows that the longer health care is the top item on the agenda, the longer it will be until senators take up an infrastructure bill, immigration reform, or tax reform.

  • Larry Hoffman