UK's May seals deal to prop up government, but loses key aides

She now needs to rely on the support of the Northern Irish party's 10 members of parliament to remain in power. Meanwhile, the Labour Party started the campaign looking as if it was maybe facing some sort of existential disaster.

Davidson also hinted the Tories would need to re-examine their Brexit strategy, which was at the heart of their election campaign.

The best-selling Sun newspaper said senior members of the party had vowed to get rid of May, but would wait at least six months because they feared a leadership contest could propel the Labour party into power under Jeremy Corbyn, who supports renationalisation of key industries and higher taxes for business and top earners.

"Theresa May has lost credibility and leverage in her party, her country and across Europe".

May could face a leadership challenge as soon as Tuesday if she fails to rally a meeting of her lawmakers that day, while five cabinet ministers are urging Johnson to oust her, the Sunday Times reported. Timothy said he took responsibility for the Conservative manifesto, including a plan for elderly social care that caused a backlash among core voters.

"It's been a pleasure to serve in government, and a pleasure to work with such an excellent prime minister", Hill wrote in a shorter statement Saturday. "And I want to encourage all Conservatives to come through this hard period, unite behind the prime minister, and focus on the need to heal the divisions in our country". The Telegraph said senior Conservatives including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, interior minister Amber Rudd and Brexit minister David Davis were taking soundings over whether to replace her.

Party insiders are placing bets on how long Ms May will last, less than a year after Britain's surprise referendum decision propelled her into Downing Street. She had called the vote three years earlier than required by law, with the aim of sweeping an even greater majority for her party before Brexit talks in nine days to take the country out of the European Union.

Her Conservatives struck an outline deal with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) for support on key legislation, a humiliating outcome for them after an election meant to make them a dominant force.

May had called for a snap election in April in hopes of getting an increased majority that could have strengthened her position before going into two years of intense negotiations with the European Union about Britain's departure from the bloc.

While much has been made of how Donald Trump's victory was precipitated by his ability to harness the rage of voters disillusioned with the political establishment, it is arguably the case that Bernie Sanders would have been able to do the same had he secured the Democratic party's nomination for the presidency. This, in effect, will be a vote of confidence in Theresa May's government and the first test of any deal with the DUP. The election cost them their majority in Parliament, and led Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to call on May to resign.

Ruth Davidson, the Conservative leader in Scotland, said she had asked May for assurances that there would be no attack on gay rights after a deal with the DUP. "There's an terrible lot of issues around Brexit that need to be discussed with other parties", she told Sky News on Saturday. "That's not a matter for me", she said. The Times newspaper ran a front-page story on May's tenuous future as Conservative leader Saturday with the headline "May stares into the abyss".

  • Leroy Wright