UAE Threatens Qatar with Economic Embargo

Qatar's foreign minister says Kuwait is trying to mediate a diplomatic crisis in which Arab countries have cut diplomatic ties and moved to isolate his energy-rich, travel-hub nation from the outside world.

The Gulf crisis is showing no signs of abating as it continues to escalate despite efforts by USA and Kuwait to calm rising tensions among GCC member states.

UAE Foreign Affairs Minister Anwar Gargash told Reuters they will tighten economic curbs on Qatar if necessary.

"The publishing of the "terrorism list" is a chance for the brother (Qatar) to review its is a chance to change direction away from stubbornness and escalation".

The ties between Iran and the UAE as well as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have been rocky over the past years marred by Iran's military occupation of three Islands which the UAE claims their ownership, while Saudi Arabia and Bahrain barely have any ties with their Persian neighbor, whom they accuse of supporting terrorist groups detained on their territories. "You have Khalifa Mohammed Turkey Al Subaiei, who is a supporter of Khaled Sheikh Mohammed of Al Qaeda living there..." He also called on Doha to "act against many individuals who have been sanctioned and now residing in Qatar, who contributes to the financing of Al Qaeda". Qatar has denied the charges.

Kavakci Kan told Al Jazeera that Turkey will continue to cooperate with all the countries in the region to resolve the issue, adding that Saudi-Turkish relations would not be affected negatively by the latest developments.

Al Qassemi also warned Qatar should not rely on hosting some 10,000 American troops at its al-Udeid Air Base as protection against the Arab nations lined up against it.

The crisis began in part over what the Qataris described as a false news report planted during a hack of its state-run news agency. Sheikh Hamad took over as Qatar's emir in 1995 and expanded his nation's presence on the worldwide scene through negotiating hostage releases, briefly flirting with diplomatic ties to Israel, hosting a Taliban office and creating Al-Jazeera.

"No one has given them the right to blockade my country, not to allow cars, or my flights to fly over their countries or my ships to park in their port", the foreign minister said.

Crisis in the Gulf: Why is Qatar under siege?

Moreover, Jordan has reduced its diplomatic representation in Qatar. In a statement, the ministry said hackers installed a fake file on the Qatar News Agency last April, before activating it Monday morning.

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