Trump leans on family as Don Jr comes out swinging for dad

When President Donald Trump kicked off a multi-day tweet storm ridiculing the London Mayor's response to terrorism attacks, blasting the courts for blocking his "travel ban" and blaming endless leaks on the "fake news", people in Washington were stunned by his audacity and lack of filter.

The Politico/Morning consult survey found that 69 percent of voters think Trump should tweet less, Time reported, and 53 percent of Republican voters agree that the president spends too much time on Twitter. Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said the new president will use Twitter [Image by Cliff Owen/AP Images] Trump will meet with intelligence agencies in the coming days to discuss the issue of Russian hacking. His rants and outbursts often steer the news cycle, guiding conversation due to their uncensored and blunt commentary. "In any event we are EXTREME VETTING people coming into the order to help keep our country safe". Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, a holdover from the President Barack Obama's administration, was sacked by Trump after she declined to defend his executive order on immigration. Conway mocked the media for its "obsession with covering everything he says on Twitter and very little of what he does as president".

In addition, the experts argued that this does not disable the user from seeing Trump's tweet but only blocks to reply on it from the account.

Not to mention, even though Trump refrained from tweeting during the hearing, his tweets were still mentioned a number of times, and one of his tweets played a key role in Comey's testimony. These are serious words coming out of the highest office holder in the land, and all that this bot does is just give those messages the proper honor they deserve....

The @RealPressSecBot Twitter account scans Trump's social media account every 15 minutes for new messages. But 41 percent of Republicans say Trump's Twitter habit is a good thing, compared to 37 percent who say it's a bad thing. This man is president of the United States.

While Comey was testifying, the principal deputy White House press secretary took to the podium and was asked about Comey's comments.

He's managed to insult allies from Britain to Germany to Qatar, the latter based on what actually might be a common complaint of Trump's: Fake news, only in this case, the Russian hackers that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is probing and their connections to the Trump camp.

Going into yesterday's much-anticipated testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, there had been reports that President Donald Trump was considering spending that time live-tweeting the Senate hearing.

President Donald Trump talks on the phone in Washington, D.C., January 28, 2017.

"I don't think he will stop tweeting, unfortunately", she said.

"He sends out these tweets when he feels like people aren't responding enough for him", a former campaign official told Politico.

  • Larry Hoffman