Trump dodges tapes question, denies seeking Comey 'loyalty'

Trump earlier praised North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member Romania for boosting its defense spending to 2 percent of its GDP, as required for all North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members, and for its contribution to the fight against terrorism. White House aides said that the president's support was implied even though he deliberately did not utter the words.

Several media reports indicate that conversation could happen in the coming weeks.

As Vox pointed out, Comey explained how he wrote down detailed memos immediately following each chat he had with the president just in case Trump would later, um, have trouble remembering what exactly had happened. During his Thursday testimony, Comey told lawmakers he provided the documents to Richman, and instructed his friend to share the memos' details with the New York Times. During a hearing Wednesday, sparks flew after the Republican chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, Sen. Rosenstein's selection won applause from Congress and Justice Department veterans, who said Mueller would do the job without fear or favor.

Indeed, Comey was but one of President Obama's operatives remaining in government for the sole goal of first, preventing Clinton's election, then undermining President Trump and his administration - leading toward Trump's impeachment - clearly, all President Obama's men and women. Additionally, the committee has subpoenaed former Obama administration officials John Brennan, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power, in relation to the question of whether intelligence information was improperly shared or distributed for political purposes.

Trump also said he would be willing to speak to Robert Mueller, special counsel appointed by the Justice Department to investigate allegations that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

After the first question about the Comey-Russia matter during a joint press conference with his Romanian counterpart, Klaus Iohannis Trump pivoted away.

When Trump suddenly fired Comey in May, his administration - including Vice President Pence - said it was because of the way the FBI chief had handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. If they do, they asked that copies of the materials be provided to the panel by June 23.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will also likely testify before the committee, though a date has not been set yet. But I did not say that.

Trump's private attorney, Marc Kasowitz, seized on the admission, casting the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director as one of the "leakers" set on undermining the Trump administration. A spokesperson for Mr. Sessions has denied such a meeting took place.

"That's up for [special prosecutor Robert] Mueller to determine", he said.

"You're going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer, don't worry", Trump said seconds after insisting he was "not hinting at anything".

It concerns a time when Mr Comey was leading an FBI investigation into Russia's interference in the presidential election and its ties to the Trump campaign.

Trump has repeatedly raised the profile - and the stakes - of the congressional and criminal investigations through his actions. But to others, Comey's remarks indicate that there's still more to uncover. Trump later deleted the tweet, according to FactBase, which archives his tweets and other communications.

The Senate Judiciary Committee asked the White House last month about such tapes.

  • Zachary Reyes