Trump and aides turn their fire on former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey

How else do you explain Trump praising Comey one moment - just days before the presidential election in November - for having the "guts" to make public the FBI's probe into Hillary Clinton's private email server and then firing him in May for his handling of that same investigation? Trump cited that, as his outside lawyer has as well, as evidence that there was no collusion or obstruction in his administration. Comey, who was sacked by Trump in May, delivered a scathing indictment of the president on Thursday at a congressional hearing in which he accused Trump of trying to block the investigation into Flynn. The statement held that other things Comey said weren't true, either.

Mr Trump also said he never asked Mr Comey for a pledge of loyalty and never told Mr Comey he hoped the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn would go away.

-Former FBI Director James Comey's testimony on Thursday about his interactions with President Trump riveted Washington like no such congressional appearance in decades.

In the wake of James Comey's riveting testimony, Congressional investigators say they want to know if the White House has recordings of Trump's discussions with the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

Comey accused the administration of spreading "lies" and bluntly asserted that President Donald Trump had fired him to interfere with an investigation of Russia's ties to the Trump campaign.

"I didn't say that", Trump answered.

"Yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction."
In the post, the president said: "Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication. and WOW, Comey is a leaker".

Schiff and Conaway provided a deadline of June 23. But a day after the closely watched hearing, Trump struck back with an early morning tweet: "Wow, Comey is a leaker". On Friday he said he was "committing the United States to Article 5". However, he did fire off a tweet at daybreak on Friday, asserting that Comey's testimony represents "total and complete vindication" in the Russian Federation case.

President Trump on Friday afternoon will hold his first press conference since fired FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday.

Facing a Senate committee Thursday, Comey portrayed Trump as dismissive of the FBI's independence.

Responding to the president's vow to testify under oath, CNN reporter Manu Raju asked on Twitter, "Will Trump regret this?"

She added: "The president's fitness for office is something that has been called into question".

Special counsel Robert Mueller must accept the offer of the President of the United States - made for all to hear at the White House Friday - to testify under oath about Russian Federation, his associates, the 2016 presidential campaign and the firing of Jim Comey.

Trump claims Comey confirmed what he has said.

"I don't think it's for me to say whether the conversation I had with the president was an effort to obstruct".

  • Zachary Reyes