Theresa May told her position is 'untenable' as new General Election predicted

He said her days in Downing Street were clearly numbered.

Mr Osborne who is now editor of the London Evening Standard and no longer an MP told the Andrew Marr show her time is up.

Mr Brady acknowledged there had been anger within the party at Mrs May's failure to express any regret for the Tory MPs who lost their seats when she returned to No10 on Friday to announce she was carrying on at the head of a minority Government.

May is clinging on to power after the snap election she called resulted in her losing the Conservative party's overall majority in parliament.

Osborne also ripped into May for failing, in her Downing Street statement after the election, to apologise to those Tory MPs who lost their seats to Jeremy Corbyn's "surge". "She said I needed to get to know my party better", Osborne replied, shrugging. "You've got the Prime Minister who's supposed to have won the election in hiding".

He said: "You see a lot of the May-ites blaming Lynton Crosby".

May's former co-chiefs of staff, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, both quit after heavy criticism that they were responsible.

Speaking to Sky News, former Conservative deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine said of the PM: "She'll never lead the Conservative Party into another election".

"The Tory party is absolutely furious that there had been no acknowledgement of the suffering and the loss that had been caused", he said.

Osborne said that she could be out of office possibly by middle of next week.

Osborne was also dismissive of the idea that the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is maneuvering for the leadership.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon hit back at Osborne: "George is enjoying his job as a commentator rather than a player on the pitch".

Mr Corbyn said earlier that it is "quite likely" there will be another election as he promised to present a "substantial amendment" to the Queen's speech.

  • Leroy Wright