Sturgeon warns of 'emboldened Tory government' ahead of SNP manifesto launch

"So, my message to all voters in Scotland is this: whether you voted Leave or Remain a year ago, or Yes or No in 2014, vote SNP on June 8 to give me a mandate to demand a place for Scotland at the Brexit negotiating table, so we can work to keep Scotland in the single market".

A series of polls have shown that support for independence is holding steady at about 45 per cent, the same result as in 2014.

Scotland voted to remain in the a 2014 referendum and also to retain European Union membership previous year.

The first minister said that SNP leaders may have to "consider our timing" as the Brexit process progresses.

She warned Theresa May that if the SNP wins the most seats in Scotland on 8 June, "continued Tory attempts" to block another referendum would be "democratically unsustainable".

His comments put him at odds with Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, who only last week gave Scots a "cast-iron guarantee" that Labour would oppose another independence vote.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has pledged to scrap the Lifetime ISA (LISA) and maintain the triple lock in its 2017 general election manifesto.

Mr Carlaw said: "I don't think it's an overnight sweep, but I do think people are now much more questioning of the domestic record of the Scottish Government and are looking for people to actually be more upfront and successful in opposing them".

However the poll still found strong support for the SNP in the general election, with the party projected to hold 50 of the 56 seats in won in 2015. The paper said the student's DJ friend glimpsed her falling over the wall at his second-floor rented apartment but was too far away to reach her. In 2010, Addleshaw Goddard's Jonathan Reynolds left the firm midway through this training contract after winning the Stalybridge and Hyde constituency for Labour with a majority of 2,700.

Labour's mission is to wipe out "shameful health inequalities" in Glasgow and in every other city across Britain, he said, promising to "ensure that Scotland has the resources it requires to provide the public services people need".

In an interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil, Sturgeon was asked if the SNP would work with Corbyn on his tax and spending promises.

"That would cost jobs, risk our economy, and distract us all from the real job in hand - improving our schools and public services". A democratic mandate for a referendum was delivered at the Holyrood election past year.

"We won't be cowed by the SNP".

Nicola Sturgeon's party has rejected raising the top rate of tax from 45p to 50p several times in the past two years amid warnings it would be detrimental to the Scottish economy.

"Only Labour or the Tories can win this election and voting Labour is the only way to remove Theresa May from office and build a Scotland for the many, not the few".

  • Leroy Wright