Protestors in London call on Theresa May to resign

"Theresa May is a dead woman walking, it just remains to be seen how long she remains on death row", George Osborne, the former United Kingdom chancellor who was sacked by May past year, told the BBC's Andrew Marr on Sunday. Beleaguered British Prime Minister Theresa May is appointing new members of he.

May had called for the early election in April in an attempt to strengthen her position as Britain prepares to leave the European Union.

Those exit talks, expected to be the most complex in post-World War Two European history, are supposed to wrap up before the end of March 2019 - a timeline that was already considered ambitious before May's electoral debacle.

She obtained Queen Elizabeth's approval to form a new government and will ally Conservatives with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party, which won 10 seats. Downing St. says the Cabinet will discuss the agreement Monday.

"It would be nothing short of scandalous if the Tory party jeopardised the return of government in Northern Ireland and the Good Friday process in order to cling on to power at Westminster".

"They really only know one way to operate and that's to have enemies and I'm sure I'm one of those this morning". We've only just scratched the surface here.

Theresa May's party lost the majority they had and are now reaching out to a socially conservative party called the Democratic Unionists to try to form a government.

The Labour leader accused Mrs May of overseeing a "chaotic" administration which is desperately trying to strike a deal with a party it has little in common with. The DUP won 10. A party must control 326 to have a majority.

As usual in British politics, legendary wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill was evoked: "The loyalties which center upon [the leader] are enormous..." he wrote, but "if he is no good, he must be poleaxed". "Absolutely", Corbyn was quoted as saying.

- Sign the petition of no confidence in a Conservative/ DUP coalition.

Former minister Mr Leslie said there had been "fantastic results" in some constituencies where Labour had been rumoured to be under threat.

'And that might be a good thing because we can not go on with a party of great instability'.

A vote of no-confidence can be triggered if at least 15 percent of Conservative MPs call for new leadership.

Joint chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill formed part of May's small inner circle and were blamed by many Conservatives for the party's lackluster campaign and unpopular election platform, which alienated older voters with its plan to make them pay more for long-term care.

Two top aides to Prime Minister Theresa May have stepped down in the aftermath of a snap election that dealt a humiliating blow to U.K. Conservatives and cast a cloud of uncertainty over upcoming Brexit talks. At the start of the campaign, she was enjoying poll leads of 20 points or more over the main opposition Labour Party.

Former Chancellor George Osborne has said the DUP will now be able to go through each Conservative bill "line by line" in order to take - or reject - what it wants from the deal. Number 10 said a deal had been agreed on Saturday evening.

Numerous party members are also uncomfortable with the kind of deal that will have to be struck with the DUP, a socially conservative party that takes an opposing stance on issues such as abortion and same sex marriages.

  • Leroy Wright