Of course Patty Jenkins is totally down to direct a "Superman" film

When McLaren abandoned the "Wonder Woman" movie over alleged creative differences, a one-picture-only deal was prepared for Jenkins, which is a standard practice at the studio for directors who take on big-ticket studio films for the first time. While estimates for the reboot were downgraded from $40 million to $35 million, The Mummy, which was made on a budget of $125 million, might not even perform that well; it's expected to only take in around $30 million domestically. While we hope that Patty Jenkins returns to the director's seat for Wonder Woman 2, one can't help but wonder what she would do with Superman.

Wonder Woman, boasting a domestic total of $163.6 million through Friday, is expected to jump the $200 million mark on Sunday, its tenth day in release. However, just because her film found a way to make its connections to other DC films a strength, Jenkins doesn't think it's always a good idea for shared universes to exist.

It looks like the tables have turned now, as Gal is a global name, with Wonder Woman smashing records to rake in $223 million in its opening weekend, worldwide. While the Warner Bros. -controlled DCEU is the most viable of the universes that have been established since then too, there are a number of shared universes in the works right now that don't feel almost as believable or necessary. That would make it the largest foreign opening for any Tom Cruise film to date. Cruise plays the man who discovers the tomb of Ahmanet and unleashes her powers. Directed by Trey Edward Shults (Krisha), the $5 million film stars Joel Edgerton as a man trying to protect his family from an unnatural threat, only to find his plan go awry upon the arrival of another desperate family.

  • Salvatore Jensen