NBA Live 18 gets new career mode with league and street basketball

You can play how you like and with whoever you like and will play in the league, growing your stature, and on the street, taking on legends on iconic real world courts, such as Venice Beach.

Today at EA's E3 press conference, it looks like they're ready to take back the court with NBA Live 18, which is making a comeback having been benched previous year. Through these matches, players will earn new gear and upgrade aspects like shoes and other accessories.

There's a free demo coming in August that carries over to the full game.

NBA Live has not had a great run as of late.

In addition to standard games between National Basketball Association teams, Live 18 brings back a street ball mode. The basketball game will feature a mode called "The One", where you will begin by playing pick-up games on local basketball courts throughout the country.

Last year, NBA Live took a year off on consoles, though a new mobile version was released. "Delivering gameplay innovations and a brand-new way to play with "The One", NBA LIVE returns with an experience completely centered around a player's individual journey", EA Sports said in a press release. Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Arturo Norris