Marches against Islamic law draw opposition

"He's got his finger on the atomic bomb", Wechsler said.

Looking ahead, Muslim leaders and others are concerned about anti-Shariah, or Islamic law, marches planned for Saturday in Seattle and about two-dozen other US cities, saying the marches are really anti-Muslim. Counter-protesters called such fears an unfounded distortion of Islam.

No arrests were made at the San Bernardino rally, and there were no reports of violence, police spokeswoman Eileen Hards said.

About 40 people gathered at Mount Trashmore on Saturday afternoon.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has called Act for America an anti-Muslim hate group and recognized that its protests were attracting anti-government and far-right extremists.

Talks about human rights and the constitution is what led this protest with many saying Sharia law doesn't fit with American values, while others pleading for peace no matter what religion you believe in.

Clusters of protesters gathered on four corners of an intersection at a memorial to the slain, less than a quarter-mile from the building where the massacre occurred. Three times as many counter-protesters demonstrated outside.

After scuffles broke out between the groups, State Troopers arrested seven people for disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process. The Minnesota State Patrol arrested about a half-dozen people.

But there are others who say these claims are rooted in hate and racism.

Protesters marched against Sharia law across the country Saturday, June 10th.

Anti-Islamic law demonstrators marched past the Inland Regional Center building where the shootings occurred on December 2, 2015. Giant letters spelling out "Trump" loomed on the high-rise over the more than 100 protesters.

She said she has noticed increased hostility toward Muslims, evidenced by the destruction of a granite sign in front of the mosque she attends in Redmond, Washington, by someone apparently wielding a sledgehammer. By 4 p.m., many people from both groups had left the area and only a few remained.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: (Chanting) America first. Some wore red hats with Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again". Small groups shouted at each other across Cherry Street before Seattle Police forced them onto the sidewalk and reopened the street.

Two competing rallies squared off in downtown Chicago as marches against Islamic law took place in dozens of locations across the U.S. Saturday. The activists also set up an "Ask an American Muslim" booth where attendees could meet and learn about their Muslim neighbors. "Laws are amenable to change".

But in some cities, like New York City, the "March Against Sharia" crowd was met by a larger group of counterprotesters.

The rallies were held in more than two dozen United States cities, including Boston.

Marches against Islamic law are scheduled in more than two dozen cities across the United States.

Leaders of the region's Islamic community held a counter rally several miles away from the Anti-Sharia demonstration, explained Fauzia Rizvi, General Secretary of the Islamic Society of Corona-Norco.

  • Larry Hoffman