Is iOS 11 Really Available to Install?

The most recent Pepe debacle was sparked after a certain game by app/game developer Spirit Realm Games posted an entry on the App Store known as Pepe Scream, which was taken down prompting the publication site to do even more research on the matter. The kind of changes that will make Apple's mobile OS a fundamentally better OS to use than previous. Oh, and developers can only prompt for reviews three times a year, with the prompt going away for a year after a user submits a rating. It also serves as a check against nuking one's review score, if a lot of users who previously reviewed can't be prompted again for a year. The new tool was part of an overhaul of the review policy, which also gave developers the ability to respond to user comments directly - but it wasn't mandatory.

The use of Apple's API makes things easier for developers and users alike. This should benefit everyone as users will be able to avoid switching apps, theoretically leading to more people providing a rating.

Pre-iOS 11, if users wanted to ensure Uber was not tracking their location, they would have to manually switch to "Never" after closing the app. Users may be more likely to rate an app when the prompts are infrequent and supplied by iOS. Kaspersky has a free Safe Browser app for iOS, but it is mainly for people who don't use Apple's built-in Safari browser and has limited effectiveness. Maybe the public version of iOS 11 will fix that.

Apple's solution certainly provides a better user experience than custom alternatives, particularly since it allows rating an app without needing to visit the App Store.

The latest Apple operating system, iOS 11, allows devices to obtain these passwords directly from another iOS phone or tablet.

  • Arturo Norris