IOS 11 might bring the drag and drop feature to iPhones too

With iOS 11, you'll be able to use Apple Pay to send or receive money from your contacts via Messages, thanks to a new iMessage app which essentially turns Apple Pay into your new Venmo or Square Cash alternative.

Apple will rollout the feature as part of iOS 11, which is expected to arrive in the Autumn (Fall) for the iPhone 5S and newer devices.

Apple executive Craig Federighi made the announcement Monday at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California. Below, we take a closer look at our favorite new features. These new voices will be able to translate from English to a variety of languages, including Mandarin and Spanish.

With iOS 11, Siri will receive fresh male and female voices that are more expressive than ever before. The new Siri will also give iPhone and iPad users personalized suggestions based on how they utilize the Safari browser and other standard Apple features.

You can use Apple Pay at certain brick-and-mortar stores (Apple says 50 percent of USA retailers will support Apple Pay by the end of the year), online web stores via Safari, and in certain iPhone apps. Apple Pay Cash balance can be transferred to a bank account or used as payment in stores and online.

The new safety feature aims to help reduce distracted driving by detecting when someone is driving and silencing all notifications.

Users can also enable an auto-text response that they are driving or choose specific contacts who can break through the feature in the case of an important message. According to Gizmodo, however, Screen Recorder was found by Reddit users while testing the iOS 11 beta for developers. This feature will allow the device trying to connect to the network fill in the password automatically upon receiving the password from the already connected device. Admittedly, this feature sounds like it could cause problems for some users.

According to recent reports, Apple plans to launch three new iPhones this year sometime after the release of iOS 11: an iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, and a new flagship phone rumored to be named the "iPhone Edition".

In addition, developers can now create apps that tap into your iOS device's potential to create augmented reality experiences via the new ARKit. Users will also have access to a new Files app for greater organization.

  • Arturo Norris