European Union ready for Brexit negotiations, says Merkel

Some say her failure means the government must now take a more flexible approach to the divorce.

Theresa May is clinging to power and facing a backlash from Conservative MPs over her election gamble that backfired. Do you understand what happened that was so different than what was anticipated a few weeks ago?

The leader of the DUP, #Arlene Foster quickly emerged, promising to collaborate with the Conservative party in an effort to strengthen Britain. And after that, she never really recovered. During the election campaign, the UDA issued a statement urging voters to support the #DUP candidate Emma Little.

"What we know now is that [May] offers precisely nothing as a leader, either to the Tories or the country".

Jeremy Corbyn arrives at Labour HQ. May's party won 318 seats, eight short of the 326 they needed for an outright majority.

PARKER: Well, they will for sure. As we do, we will continue to work with our friends and allies in the Democratic Unionist Party in particular. They want more money for their people.

The DUP opposes same-sex marriage and Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom where it is not legal. Only days after the UDA is believed to have shot dead a man in a supermarket vehicle park in front of his 3 year-old son, Arlene Foster met with representatives of the UDA, a move condemned by many. But there will be money involved for certain.

Prime Minister Theresa May had sent Gavin Williamson, her chief whip, to Belfast to lead talks with the party's officials. I think, frankly, she should have resigned and maybe wanted to resign.

Electoral missteps on financing health care for the elderly undermined support from traditional elderly supporters of the Conservative Party - supporters who had come out in huge numbers to support the Brexit campaign.

Senior Tories have also expressed concern over the prospect of closer links with the DUP - with one MP, Sarah Wollaston, tweeting: "I will always oppose the death penalty & would resign if others imposed it". Nick Timothy and May's tiny band of trusted advisers tricked themselves into thinking this election could be waged as a second Brexit referendum.

Meanwhile, Labour, which had been written off by critics as all but unelectable, surged to 262 seats, up 29 from its tally in the 2015 election. Bohuslav Sobotka said that too much time had already been wasted.

"We don't know when Brexit talks start". It's not going to be revisited no matter how this election sorts out?

Speaking during a visit to Mexico City, Merkel said Germany was ready for the Brexit talks, which May said would begin on June 19 as scheduled - although she now risks more opposition to her European Union departure plans from inside and outside her party.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron also called for details of the deal to be published, saying: "The actions of this (Conservative) government will have profound implications for the Brexit negotiations and the future of our country". May's party will now team up with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party to create a new government - something some of her party's MPs say is far from a terrible outcome, but what critics say actually weakens her position and throws into question her future as prime minister.

"Our neutral rating on British stocks as part of a broadly-diversified exposure to European equities reflects the positives of better-than-expected European economic and earnings fundamentals, balanced against the negatives of historically stretched equity-market valuations", he said.

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