Burning Questions We Have After Watching Wonder Woman

Over at the Hollywood Reporter, Borys Kit explains that while Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot obviously has a multi-picture deal - she's already done Batman v. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League, after all - director Patty Jenkins doesn't. "It made it much easier to have the greatest Wonder Woman in the world put in the palm of my hand". While some fans soaked in the awesome visuals of the movie, other people had a different reaction to seeing Princess Diana of Themyscira kicking ass on the big screen. Director Patty Jenkins is not only the first female director of a superhero movie period, but now also holds the record for the best domestic box office debut for a female director.

"I'm not a big obligation person when it comes to art". It's received praise from critics and audiences alike while also proving that DC and Warner Bros can make a good movie.

Gal Gadot knows who to thank for Wonder Woman's wonderful success.

Wonder Woman reached the top spot in the United Kingdom box office after its first week of release and is available in cinemas across the United Kingdom now.

Wonder Woman, alias Diana Prince, is a female superhero like none before her.

In March 2017, director Patty Jenkins told EW, "The story will take place in the US, which I think is right". Despite the fact that Monster won the Academy Award for Best Picture, along with a stack of other honors, it has been almost 15 years before Jenkins was given the reins to her next big project, which just so happens to be Wonder Woman.

A few months ago, Entertainment Weekly reported on Gadot's pregnancy, but there wasn't much buzz about it until the movie actually hit theaters.

Baroness Paula von Gunther was created by William Moulton Marston as the first recurring enemy of Wonder Woman.

In Wonder Woman, the DCEU finally has a movie that's universally adored as well as one that's raking in a massive amount of cash.

Although Jenkins said she felt no obligation to return to the franchise as the director for the sequel, she would love to be involved in the "beautiful story". She is simultaneously what we expect and what we do not. I could get down with a ghost Chris Pine.

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