Britain's May still in talks with DUP on power deal

That calculation backfired spectacularly on Thursday as voters stripped the Conservatives of their parliamentary majority.

The announcement came after May lost Downing St. chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, who resigned Saturday.

The resignations of Timothy and Hill, on whom May had been heavily reliant since her previous job at the interior ministry, will be a personal blow. Their influence had increasingly angered senior ministers. Since the election, most of the members of May's cabinet have kept quiet on the issue of her future, adding to speculation that her days as prime minister are numbered. A deal with the DUP and their 10 lawmakers would give her a workable majority.

May's office said Saturday that the Democratic Unionist Party, which has 10 seats in Parliament, had agreed to a "confidence and supply" arrangement with the government.

"I will now form a government", May said Friday after meeting with the queen.

But the wooing of the DUP risks upsetting the political balance in Northern Ireland by aligning London more closely with the pro-British side in the divided province, where a power-sharing government with Irish nationalists is now suspended.

Protesters chanted outside Downing Street, blasting the Conservative Party for uniting with the DUP, which has drawn criticism for its right-wing stance on issues such gay rights and abortion. She's taking us back to those times.

If she is to succeed in delivering the end of Britain's European Union membership which 52 percent of the British public demanded past year, she must find a way to recapture the full support of her party because she will need their votes to pass legislation preparing for and ultimately enacting the departure. It said Britain was "effectively leaderless" and the "country all but ungovernable".

"For instance, if London were to stay in the customs union, then it would not have to renegotiate all trade agreements", he told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper. The British pound tumbled against the U.S. dollar and the euro after the result.

May has said Brexit talks will begin on June 19 as scheduled, the same day as the formal reopening of Parliament.

According to her office, May confirmed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a phone call that Britain was ready to begin Brexit negotiations "as planned in the next couple of weeks".

"I could not care less what people get up to in terms of their sexuality, that's not a matter for me", she said.

Britain's typically pro-Conservative press savaged May and questioned whether she could remain in power only two months after officially triggering the country's divorce from the European bloc.

While May's top team has been left unchanged, she will have to fill gaps in her ministerial team after nine junior ministers lost their seats in what has been characterised as a disastrous election night for the ruling party, with the shock results going against every pre-election opinion poll forecast and the Jeremy Corbyn-led Opposition Labour faring far better than predicted. But I would like to make clear that the freaky media reports about my own role in the policy's inclusion are wrong: "it had been the subject of many months of work within Whitehall, and it was not my personal pet project", Timothy wrote on the Conservative Home website.

  • Leroy Wright