Apple iOS 11: Volume display moved to the top right

According to the updated App Store Review guidelines as originally spotted by 9to5Mac, developers are now being forced to use Apple's in-house API built to display pop-up reminders for users to review certain applications. Apple demoed a 3D video on a table that showed a battle with flying ships, exploding buildings and more, all while looked at through an iPad.

Then you can press the "Send Password" button and the other person's handset will automatically connect to the network. Users also have the option to completely disable app review prompts inside the iOS Settings app, preventing the prompts from annoying them at all. On top of that there's an emergency mode that lets people push through that layer to contact you if they really need to.

With iOS 11, users will get an AirPlay 2 update for the HomeKit that will finally allow the to set up a multiroom speaker system in iOS.

"Your app can read tags to give users more information about their physical environment and the real-world objects in it".

It works similarly to an implementation released in iOS 9 in 2015, and very similar to the way the company Nextbit handled cloud storage/on-device-apps for its Robin smartphone. It can also be done on the Apple Watch.

Additionally, iOS 11 makes it easier for users to search out and delete conversations, photos, and attachments that happen to be taking up a lot of space.

Even though Apple mercifully killed the 16GB storage tier on the iPhone past year, running out of storage still remains a frustrating issue for many iPhone users. And once you rate an application, you'll never be asked to review it again. The software boasts of some exciting new features such as a new Control Center, peer-to-peer payments via Apple Pay, Do No Disturb While Driving, an improved Maps app, a smarter Siri, and revamped Apple Music. Separate sections of games and apps have been added for you to find your preferred content easily.

Apple has added augmented reality smarts to its iOS 11 operating system that will allow developers to create fantastic, world-warping experiences.

  • Arturo Norris