Apple deems Pepe 'objectionable' and bans the frog from its App Store

Though the "game" didn't make it past Apple's reviewers, the app is now live in Google's Play Store where there are a handful of other Pepe the Frog apps as well.

Apple is making it mandatory to use its official in-app rating function in the Apple API.

The updated terms for Apple's App Store now classifies in-app tips under the same category as in-app purchases, legalizing tips that users wish to send to app developers. It has a redesigned Games, Apps and Today tabs, which are packed with a lot of interesting stuff. The great purge of Pepe means no icons, apps or games on the App Store will be valid and will be taken down if it features our dank meme lord and savior Pepe. And while it has been banished from the App Store, the game is still available on Google Play. There are no apps in the App Store with Pepe in the title, and it does not appear in many meme apps and iMessage sticker packs (there are no Pepes in "MemeStickers", for instance). The change is just part of a slew of changes that are being introduced by the company to its app store.

This is a welcome change for game developers as navigating to games tab in the previous design required more clicks. "It would be appropriate to remove the references and revise the images in your app".

This seems like it should be a win-win for users and developers.

Moreover with the new App tab, one can get a recommendation of new Apps varying from videos to games to photography.

The company is also planning to launch its new OS named iOS 11.

Subscriptions and In-App Purchases can also be purchased directly from the App Store outside the app which will be helpful for large brands on the App Store who are big on the Freemium model. Having said that, the new App store with cards layout looks stunning and the App store team has been very good in promoting unique content which makes me as a consumer excited for discovering new content.

  • Arturo Norris